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Tab A goes in slot B

Now that the car has been painted, wet sanded, and polished, it is time to reassemble it so we can see what it looks like. But before I did that, I had to have a picture of that magnificent hunk of American iron sitting in the nose. If you are going to have a car like this, it needs some go mixed with its show.

After the fenders were bolted up the great lines of these old Chevelles are apparent, even with the missing grille, bumpers and other bright-work that looks so good on these old cars.

The last picture shows how beautiful this blue really is after it is brought up to High Performance Finish standards.

Time for some color

The color layer never looks like much when it is first applied, as shown in the first two photos. It always dries to a flat finish that has almost no shine at all.

But add the clear layer, as shown in the last photo, and suddenly everything changes. Now the paint really has some pop.

And I still like this blue.

I’m so blue

I wish I had gotten some pictures of this 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle SS before I started work on it because it was in great shape … but sometimes I get busy and forget to take the before shots.

Nevertheless, here are some shots of the door and trunk lid after the clear has been applied. They look good here, under the paint booth lights, but this car is getting the High Performance Finish treatment and it will look even better in a few days. The blue color on this car is simply gorgeous and it is going to be a real head turner when it is done.

In the last picture, taken while the clear dried, you can see that the car required very little in the way of dent repair or body work.

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