Monthly Archives: March 2009

Back at the shop

Now that the “jewelry” has been attached, this El Camino looks great! 

I don’t know whether to call it a car or a truck, so I think I will just call it a fantastic looking machine.

Ready to go back for assembly

After the wet sand and polish, the body is ready to go back the owner for assembly.

I hope the owner remembers to send me some photos of the completed car so I can see it all together.

Color me red

What has a bigger grin factor than a bright red British sports car? Yeah, I can’t think of one either.

In these pictures, taken just after I sprayed on the clear, the car looks pretty good. But this MG A is getting the full High Performance Finish treatment, so pretty good isn’t good enough.

It may shine some now, but after a wet sand and polish … yeah, now you’re talking.

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