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There’s black … then there’s minuit black

The customer wanted a black truck. Not black with a little red in it. Not black with metal flake. Not a really dark gray. He wanted black, and black is what he got.

Most people don’t realize what goes into making a paint color. It is not unusual for a particular color to have 2, 3, 4, or more, color pigments in various amounts to produce a given color. Most black paint is not truly black … there is usually some other color mixed in.

But not this truck. This truck has exactly one color pigment … black … in the paint, and gobbles up light like vacuum.

In the paint booth there are lights on every side, save the floor of course, but as you can see, even with all the light, and the flash on the camera, the cab sits there light a giant black hole.

After it is wet sanded and polished, however, that black will explode off the truck with a mirror like shine that one would have to see to believe. Trust me … you’ll see.

Meanwhile …

Meanwhile, in the paint booth, the cab is treated to a little TLC itself. Here we sprayed the Raptor Liner in the floor of the truck. Not only does this provide protection against rust, it also helps reduce noise in the cab for a quieter ride.

We also painted the engine bay and the inside of the cab with a satin black paint. The engine that is being dropped into this truck is going to be a real show piece and we, the customer and I, didn’t want the paint to compete with the engine.


In the first photo you can see that we have cleaned away years of dirt, road grime and rust from the bottom of the truck bed. Now I need to do something to protect it into the future.

Enter Raptor Liner.  Raptor Liner is a light duty bed-liner material we use here at JMC AutoworX for all kinds of things. Not only do we spray it into truck beds for their protection, but we also spray it on restoration projects and custom-rods as well to protect the customer’s investment.

In the second picture you can see that with Raptor Liner coating the bottom, the truck bed is protected against rust and all the abuse that is heaped upon the underside of vehicles.

And it looks pretty good while doing it too.

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