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Hey! Somebody get the door

Here is a good example of the lengths we go at JMC AutoworX to ensure you get a finish that is as durable as it is beautiful.

The first photo shows a bare metal door. To ensure that all subsequent layers adhere properly, the metal is treated with an acid etching primer that bonds to the metal and provides a surface that the primers can stick to. The etching primer can be seen as the golden color in the second photograph.

After the etching primer comes the epoxy primer, seen as black in the third photo. Epoxy is a glue, and this primer is designed to stick to the etching primer, seal the car against moisture to prevent rust, and to provide a bonding  surface for the next layer.

The last two photos show the high builds primer. The high builds primer function is to fill and smooth any small imperfections so the paint is laid on a perfectly smooth surface to give that ultra high gloss look that everyone likes so well. Most of the high build primer will be sanded away leaving only small amounts here and there as filler for the waves and ripples in the car’s metal.

Say cheese!

The signature of the High Performance Finish is the razor sharp reflections. Any new paint finish, when  properly applied, will shine, but extra care has to be taken to get that mirror like gloss.

Take this truck bed as an example.  Sure, the custom fuel filler door and the exhaust cutout in front of the wheel well are nice touches, but what really jumps out is the liquid like finish. You might not notice if the fuel door and exhaust exit were not done, but you surely would notice if the paint were merely average.

I do see one flaw in the second picture though … have I really lost that much hair?

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