Monthly Archives: September 2009

Gotta dash

This truck is fitted with all new gauges in a custom dash. The interesting thing is the company I purchased the panel from made a brushed finished dash, a polished dash and a brushed black anodized dash … but no polished black anodized dash. I spoke to the manufacture and asked if they could make me a polished black anodized dash and after some hemming and hawing, they agreed to give it a try. After many nail biting weeks, the dash panels arrived and they looked great!

I think they are going to add them to their catalog, but this truck got the very first one.

Listen to that baby roar!

Today we finally heard the truck run for the first time. That engine is healthy and the sound is enough to give a guy chills.

Check out the radiator on this thing. That is a hand made radiator that is capable of handling up to 750 horsepower. You could let this thing idle in the middle of the Sahara dessert at noon, with the air conditioning on, and it wouldn’t over heat.

Bedtime … Part III

Another week and a little more progress. Now the bed is installed but I had to remove the fenders for better access to the engine bay. We don’t want to bang up the beautiful new fenders now do we?

We are getting close to finishing now, but time is running out. We need to get this project wrapped up so it can go out for an interior. We have a late January deadline to meet and the interior guy will have my head if I leave him only a couple of weeks to do his work.

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