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Strutting her stuff

This picture, taken at the annual Hot-Rod show in Greensboro, is a little dark. This truck is so black the only light source in the world bright enough to properly light it is the sun.

Nevertheless, you can see it is a real show winner … and it was.

It’s baaaack …

After leaving the JMC AutoworX shops for the installation of the interior, the C10 came back for some final spit and polish before its debut at the Shriner Hot-Rod show in Greensboro.

I put a lot of sweat, and a little blood, if no tears, in this project and I think it is some of my best work to date. I am very pleased and quite proud of how it turned out and I expect it to do well at the shows in the area.

The interior lives up to the exterior in every way with custom seats, door panels, center console and finished bed. And every bit of it, including the bed, dripping in leather.  You open the door of the truck and the smell … mmmm … nothing like the smell of quality leather.

Come see what I think is one of the nicest trucks around, this weekend, at the JMC AutoworX booth at the Shriner Hot-Rod show in the Greensboro Coliseum.

See you there.

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