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Somebody get the door

A couple of days ago I painted the fenders and hood of the Chevelle. After tearing everything out and cleaning up the booth, in went the doors and wheels for their coat of paint.

I know what you are thinking … despite what you see, the doors and wheels really are the same color.

No really, they are.

Butternut … it’s a color not a food item

Here we have Hugh’s 1967 Chevelle getting some color. We are painting this car a rich creamy yellow called Butternut Yellow, an original color for this car.

The first three pictures show the car after the color has been applied but before the clear went on. The color layer of modern paint is quite flat and it is the clear layer that not only protects the color layer but also adds the shine.

The last four pictures show the same fenders and hood after the clear layer has been applied. Looks pretty good now, doesn’t it? After a wet sand and buff to take this ordinary finish to a High Performance Finish, it will look better still.

And interesting thing about this paint is how different it looks depending on the way the light hits it. You can see in the pictures that sometimes it looks yellow and other times it looks almost tan.

Maybe that tan color is called butternut?

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