Daily Archives: January 5, 2011

A bare bones Mach I

You’ve heard the term “roller?” A roller is a car that doesn’t have an engine in it but can be rolled about. But what do you call a car that doesn’t even have a suspension or wheels … a dragger?

We have a lot of cars arrive at JMC AutoworX on a truck, but we don’t have many that arrive in boxes as this bare bones 1969 Ford Mustang Mach I did. The body is in the shop but rest of Cassie & Karl’s car is in boxes … boxes that are stacked all over my office and break room.

You can see in the last picture that we had our metal fabricator add bracing, a sub-frame connector, to keep the monster engine that is going in this car from twisting the body up like a pretzel.

We are doing a ground up, every nut and bolt, resto-custom job on this one. When it’s finished it will look, and drive, fantastic.

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