Something new

Wait! Don’t go! If you are looking for the JMC AutoworX web site, you found it. Looks a little different doesn’t it?

We have undertaken a major redesign of the website to include more consumer information, more purposeful photos, and I think, a better design. We have moved to front and center the photos to address the one comment that came up more than any other … “Why are the <censored> pictures so hard to find!?!” Well, they aren’t hard to find anymore. In fact, the entire web site has been designed around the idea of getting the customers pictures out front where they are easy find and see. But why stop there?

What good are pictures if you can’t tell the purpose of the photo? To that end, all the pictures are now commented so when you are looking at a picture you will know what, or why, you are looking at it. No more, “Uhhh … so what am I looking at here?”

We have also added more information that our customers may find useful in the FAQ section, information that may help you deal with the stress and aggravation of dealing with an vehicular accident.

We were so excited about the new design we couldn’t wait to roll it out. Unfortunately, that means we didn’t have time to port all the pictures from the old site to the new. Don’t worry though, we have all of the latest projects here and over the next couple of weeks we will finish moving the pictures from the old site to the new. So if you don’t see your favorite picture here, not to worry, it will be here soon.

Finally, I encourage everyone to keep those comments coming. This web site is for you, our customers, so please … tell me what you like, and what you don’t. I want to hear your thoughts. Really.

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