Daily Archives: June 30, 2011

Bumper cars

Sometimes it seems like it isn’t worth leaving for vacation. While I enjoyed my time with the family, returning to work … well, its probably just like when you leave for vacation. While you are gone the work piles up and when you return you spend the next week trying to dig out.

I haven’t had a spare minute since I returned to worry about anything except painting cars, thus the delay in getting something posted on the website. Except for one truck, I think everything we have done this past week has involved repairing or replacing the bumper on a car. Understandable, I guess, as a bumper is typically the first thing to arrive at the scene of an accident, but it seems like I have had an unusually large run of bumpers repairs.

It might not be glamorous, high profile work like rebuilding an antique Mustang, but it does pay the bills.

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