A clear improvement

Because there are only so many hours in the day and paint will only dry so fast, I wasn’t able to spray the clear layer on the Mustang yesterday. When I left for the day the car was in color but the finish was nearly as flat as a chalkboard.

This morning, bright and early, I got into the paint booth and addressed that. After dressing in my smurf suit I started spraying on the clear, which appears as a white fog in the first two photos.

The last four photos show the end result. If this were our standard paint finish this is where the paint work would stop. After all, it looks pretty good and is the equal of most factory paint in application and superior in thickness. You might find better paint on a Rolls Royce, but not a Ford or Chevy.

But this Mustang isn’t getting our standard paint finish, it is getting our High Performance Finish, and as good as it looks in these photos, it will look even better after the wet sand and buffing brings out the true beauty of the paint.

After the paint dries for a couple of days we will get to work on really making this Mustang prance.

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  1. Karl Robinson

    It is beautiful!! Cassie and I will be down next week to look in person.

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