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Is it me or is it hot in here?

I love my job. I get almost as much satisfaction as the vehicle owner in taking a vehicle that is need of a little TLC and making it look new again. But on days like today, being behind a desk doesn’t seem so bad.

What the thermometer shows is the actual temperature in the shop today. I use the thermometer to know how to mix paint for proper drying because the temperature significantly affects the drying time. But since it a big thermometer, and it hangs right out where you can’t miss seeing it, it mocks me when it gets really cold in the winter or really hot in the summer, like today actually.

I can’t remember if 109° is an absolute record in the shop, but it is certainly the hottest it has been in shop this year.

A nip here, a tuck there

This Mustang is the shop for a little nip and tuck. What I mean is the owner is installing a new carbon fiber hood along with a rear spoiler from Saleen.

The owner decided it would be a shame to put the dress-up items on the car without tidying up the few dings it had picked up over the years so here we are, polishing the shoes before putting on the suit so to speak.

A little body filler here and there, a bit of sanding, and this car will be ready for some paint. The pictures make the repairs look much more extensive than they really are. The large gray areas  are just sanding marks to smooth the repair and to rough the paint to provide good adhesion for the primer.

After the new paint is applied you will never know anything had been done to the car. Well, except for the awesome new hood and spoiler of course.

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