Daily Archives: July 17, 2011

Water, water everywhere … Nor any drop to drink

Friday we wet sanded and buffed the paint on the Mustang to bring the paint gloss up and give it that classic High Performance Finish shine.

Wet sanding is just exactly what it sounds like. We sand the paint of the car with ultra-fine sandpaper while the paint is kept wet. The water acts as a lubricate to prevent the sandpaper from removing too much paint and it also washes the sanding dust away so we can identify when an area is perfect and when it still needs more work.

As you can imagine, no matter how fine the sandpaper, wet or not, sanding the paint of your car is going to dull the finish. Therefore after the car is sanded, and all the imperfections are removed, the car is buffed with progressively finer polishing compounds until the luster is restored.

Wet sanding is a time-consuming and messy job, but it is absolutely necessary to make the paint look its very best, to produce the High Performance Finish that a car like this deserves.

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