In the home stretch now

The owners of this gorgeous Mustang are coming to see the car for the first time since, well, since it started looking like a car again. The last time Cassie and Karl saw their car it was painted but it had no fenders or doors … it was really nothing but a painted shell.

Since that time we have added the doors, wiring harness, sound deadening and, as a surprise, the fenders. I’m writing this Thursday evening, but I’m holding this post until Friday afternoon so to not give away the surprise of their seeing the car with the fenders on.

Today, Thursday, we attached the fenders as a test fit and alignment check. The fenders are only lightly attached and can be quickly removed if necessary for the engine install, but since the fenders were on, and the owners are coming to see the car tomorrow, Friday, I decided to leave them for now. From a low angle, like the third photo, the car looks all but complete.

The last two photos show the wiring harness in the car. Think about trying to untangle spaghetti and you have some idea of what it is like putting a wiring harness in a car. Of course there is still a lot of tidying up of the wire to do, but the bulk of the wires are run, more or less, to the right places.

We still have a ways to go, but that pounding sound you hear is this pony galloping for the finish line.

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