Daily Archives: August 18, 2011

Change is nigh

If you are still sending email to JMCAutoworX@BellSouth.net, now is the time to stop using that address and start using the new address … Jonathan@JMCAutoworX.com.

Sometime tomorrow my internet and phone service with BellSouth will be disconnected and switched over to Time Warner Cable. While my phone number will remain the same, the @BellSouth.net email address will cease to function.

I planned for this eventuality a couple of years ago when I bought my domain and setup my own email account, but because @BellSouth.net address still worked it hasn’t mattered if email was still being sent to the old address. But it matters now.

So once again, if you are sending email to JMCAutoWorX@BellSouth.net you need to stop using that address immediately and begin using Jonathan@JMCAutoworX.com

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