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Preparing for the heart transplant

We are just about ready to put the new heart, a massaged 351, into this Mustang. Before it can run, though, it is going to need some go juice. But before the go juice can get to the motor, we need a place to store it. So today we painted the fuel tank which we will install tomorrow.

The first picture shows the tank in bare metal, just as we received it. In order to ensure this fuel tank has a long and productive life, it needs some attention.

The second picture shows the tank primed and ready for paint. Even on something few people will ever see or think about, like a fuel tank, it gets the same careful attention to rust proofing as the rest of the car. The tank was first etched then epoxy primed to seal it against rust and to give the paint something to stick to.

The third photo shows me painting the whole thing black to further protect the tank from rust and to make it look finished and like someone cared.

Today we also put the head-lamp assemblies in the car and put in place the air conditioning condenser to mock up the wiring and hose runs. The condenser is that radiator looking thing in the nose of the car. The condenser looks like a radiator because that is exactly what it is, but instead of cooling the engine, the condenser helps cool the driver by removing the heat collected by the air conditioning refrigerant.

With the fuel tank being installed in the back, and the condenser and head-lamp assemblies in the front, we are working from both ends to complete this project so we can return it to the owner as soon as possible.

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