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How mad would you be?

This beautiful new Nissan Maxima arrived in the shop Friday. This car, a 2011, has less than 5,000 miles on the clock and in the simple act of washing it, well, let’s say it didn’t go as planned.

The owner took the car to a local automated car wash … the name is not important … and as the car traveled along a bit of the car wash mechanism either broke or came loose. In any case, it fell on the car, damaging the left head-lamp and front bumper. Then, to add insult to injury, it scraped all the way down the car, damaging the front wheel, denting the front fender, and gouging the paint all the way to the rear wheel. You can see its path in the first couple of photos.

I believe I can guess the first word out of car’s owner, and the car wash owner’s, mouth when they saw what had happened. My guess is it was “Oh … !” The good news is the car wash has stepped up and is paying to have the car repainted.

The first couple of pictures show the car in the booth with the gouge in the paint sanded smooth and primed. The last two pictures show the car painted, but not cleared. I ran out of time today so the car will be cleared tomorrow and the bumpers painted on Friday.

I know it must have nearly killed the owner to see his brand new car come out of the wash bay with a big honkin’ scratch down the side. It would have me.  But by Monday I don’t think he will be able to tell it even happened.

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