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Just add power

Yesterday was a big day at JMC AutoworX because we dropped the motor into the ’69 Mustang. Well, not dropped … installed would be a better word. In any case, the motor is in the car and nobody was maimed, or even bloodied, during the install.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s fifteen thousand words showing the motor going into the car … from start to finish.

There were three of us working on putting the motor in. There was myself, whom you can identify by the sun glasses on my head. Jordan was there as well, in the gray JMC AutoworX shirt like my own, but he isn’t wearing sunglasses.

Also there was Kelly, in the black shirt. Kelly is my fabricator and Jedi Knight of all things mechanical in a car. He was there to provide moral support, encouragement and guidance. When things got a little tight, and I mean that literally, Kelly is the one who pulled us through the squeeze. Thanks Kelly. We couldn’t have done it without you. Really.

There was a fourth person there too, Terry, a former customer and friend. You won’t see him in these pictures because he is the one operating the camera. Little did he know, when he volunteered to stop by to shoot the action, that we were going to put him to work too when things got a little hairy getting the engine in.

The motor went in pretty well, though as I mentioned above, there were a couple of times when the install was in doubt. We had to battle through a few clearance issues, and it appears that the oil pan may be installed backwards on the motor. We didn’t know that until the motor was in the car and we discovered the pan prevents the steering ram from fitting back into place. Fortunately the engine doesn’t have to come back out to fix the oil pan problem … having to pull the motor back out after the struggle to get it in would have been, well, depressing.

Tomorrow Jordan or I will pull the oil pan and turn it around to see if that allows the pan to clear the steering ram. If it does then we will tighten all the bolts down to secure the engine and transmission in place. After the motor is locked down, we will hook up the fuel line and electrical systems, and attach the headers to complete the install. Then it will just be a matter of adding some dino-juice, priming the engine, and seeing if it will start.

In just a few more days we finally be able to add some sound and fury to this restoration. At that point we will truly be rounding the final turn and this Mustang will be pounding for the finish line.

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