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Adding a dash of style

While I wait for the engine builder to arrive to replace the sump and oil pan to remedy the clearance issue, I decided to devote some time to installing the dash in the Mustang. As you can see, getting all that air conditioning plumbing into the dash makes for a convoluted and tangled mess. No one ever said it was easy to be cool though.

That big hole above the glove box on the right side of the dash, for those who are not up to speed on 1969 Ford Mustang Mach I interiors, that hole will contain a wood panel with a 5-inch clock in the same style as the instrument cluster. With a clock that size, and a drive train as potent as this car has, there is no excuse for ever being late to an appointment.

Here is an interesting little fact about this car. FoMoCo guys can tell this from the pictures, but this car is fitted with a Rim Blow steering wheel. I know that rim blow sounds slightly, err, well, never mind … anyway during this time Ford was experimenting with moving the horn button(s) to different locations. In this case, rather than having the horn button in the center of the wheel, or on the spokes, the horn is sounded by gripping the steering wheel.

I guess I can see some logic in this. If you are about to have a crash, or something startles the driver, gripping the wheel tightly is an instinct, and doing so would sound the horn in warning without any further action. For some reason it never caught on.

Since this car is fitted with the Rim Blow wheel, I’m glad the car is an automatic. Obviously, after the car is assembled I will need to test drive the car to make sure everything is in proper working order. The last thing I need is to start out with a lurch from an unfamiliar clutch, causing me to grip the wheel, which in turn sounds the horn. I’m sure that would startle me, causing me to bang on the brakes, causing me to again sound the horn. So there I go down the road with the car lurching and jumping, and every time it does, the horn honks.

Yeah … I can’t imagine why that Rim Blow horn system never caught on.

Scratch? What scratch?

Here’s the car wash Maxima ready to be turned over to the customer. I think it turned out pretty well myself.

I actually finished the car yesterday, but the customer didn’t pick it up until today. As I do for any car repaired at JMC AutoworX, I had the car thoroughly cleaned before being returned to the customer. Because yesterday was a holiday, I had it washed this morning … I needn’t have bothered. Just as the customer arrived to take delivery of the car the heavens opened with a thunderstorm of the likes I haven’t seen in a long time.

If that rain didn’t wash the paint off, no mere car wash is going to hurt it. Well … unless a piece falls off the machine and onto the car of course.

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