Daily Archives: September 8, 2011


This Jeep arrived at the shop yesterday with a mangled bumper and a bent tailgate, the victim of a parking lot fender bender.

I forgot to take a true “before” picture so the first picture shows the tailgate after I adjusted on it a little with one of our precision tools here at JMC AutoworX … a hammer. As you can see, a hammer will get you only so far, returning the tailgate only to its approximate shape.

After pounding the hatch back into rough shape, I then smoothed the body with a bit of filler. Body filler has a bad reputation, unfairly in my opinion.  So long as it is properly used, as in this application, it is the best tool available for the job. When it is misused, if I were to use it to fill in the dent before I pounded it back into shape for example, then yes, you are just asking for trouble.

The final picture shows the tailgate sanded smooth, shaped, and ready for primer. We’ll get some paint on this, replace the bumper, and this Jeep will be ready to return to the owner in a couple more days.

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