Stripped nekkid with a beer

Of course I am talking about the car, but you knew that right?

The El Camino has been stripped all the way to the frame, as you can see in the first picture. The frame will need new bushings, and a little cleaning up, but it is in pretty good shape overall.

The next three pictures show the body off the frame. The floor pans are a total write off and will have to be replaced. This is a common problem on older cars and replacement pans are readily available for most cars, this one included. The fabricator will do a little cutting here, a little welding there, and the floor will be good as new.

The next photo shows the parts that came out of the car all jumbled in a pile. Some of these parts may be used again, but a lot of them probably won’t. The seat, for example, won’t be used as the car will have bucket seats installed when it is reassembled.

The final picture shows a little surprise Kelly found in the car. One of the past owners of the car must have had a taste for Schlitz beer because several empty cans were found in various nooks and crannies of the car. When you tear a car down like this you never know what you might find. This is one of the less embarrassing discoveries.

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