Daily Archives: September 17, 2011


Yesterday, in a fit of optimism, I hooked the battery up on the Mustang and … I was so relieved that nothing burst into flames that I completely forgot to take pictures of the result. Not that there was much to see. Just a bunch of working head-lamps, tail-lamps and interior lights, which don’t show up very well in photos anyway.

Actually there was very little doubt that most, if not all, of the systems would work the first time. I use American Autowire wiring harnesses for all my builds because they are, in my opinion, the best harnesses available. I never have trouble with them and each wire is clearly labeled all the way down the length of the wire which makes installation a snap.

The only problem we had was one of the tail-lamps had a weak ground and a door jamb switch was faulty, neither of which was a problem with the harness, and both are now fixed. I would have liked to tick the engine over, but the engine hasn’t yet been primed with oil, so I had to settle for listening to the fuel pump turn on.

I crack wise about the car bursting into flames, but even still I always hold my breath on the first test of the wiring. Not because I think the car will catch fire, but because if there is a problem, it could be a pain in the lug nuts to find and fix. But that isn’t a worry on this build. Nope. Not a worry at all.

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