Now the bed is Ford tough too

This 1966 Ford pickup was dropped off at the shop yesterday to have its bed coated with a Raptor Liner coating.

The Raptor Liner is my bed-liner of choice because it much thinner than the traditional spray-in bed-liners and better fits the types of vehicles my customers bring me. You see, I tend to get nicely restored or family vehicles, like the Ford you see here, not the heavy-duty work trucks like contractors use. Heavy-duty protection is not required … but style, that’s a must.

This Ford already had some kind of protective coating in the bed, which you can see in the first two pictures. I’m not sure what it was, but it is obvious from the over spray that it was there before the truck was repainted. Even if the bed wasn’t covered in over spray, the Raptor Liner will look a lot better than the stuff that was in there already.

First we removed the chrome trim from the outside of the bed so the bolts holding it on wouldn’t be coated in the Raptor Liner material. If I were to have covered those bolts with the Raptor Liner material it would almost guarantee me a cussing from someone in the future because that trim would be very, very difficult to get off.

After the trim was removed, like almost every job we do at JMC AutoworX, putting in the Raptor Liner starts with sanding. Lots of sanding. You can see the results of all that sanding in the third picture. And let me go on record right here and say that sanding the inside of the bed on  a long wheel base pickup … that’s a lot of sanding, and none of it is much fun. My knees were black from crawling around in the bed as I sanded away.

After sanding the truck was taped off to protect the paint and the Raptor Liner material was sprayed over the bed. You can see me applying the Raptor Liner coating in the next four shots. The tricky part is getting the liner into all the corners and crevasses, for full protection, but not get all over everything else. Everything else like the paintwork of the truck … or myself.

The final shot shows the completed Raptor Liner in the truck. It needed a couple of hours to completely dry before I would be able to reinstall the chrome trim pieces I had removed earlier. Then it was just a matter of waiting for the customer to stop by and pick up his pick-up.

Not only does the new liner look great, it makes the bed as Ford tough as the rest of the truck. After all, what good is a truck that you are afraid to haul anything in?

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