Bumper cars?

I know it has to be frustrating for my customers that everyone on the road thinks a parking lot is a good place for game of bumper cars. Take this Mustang for instance. It was sitting in its parking space minding its own business when Wham!

Small consolation to the owner that the damage is light, with only a bent wheel and rub marks on the fender well and rear bumper.  The first two photo’s show the damage and you can see the bent wheel at the 10 o’clock position of the second photo.

The last two pictures show the fender well taped off and primed, ready for paint. The bumper has been removed from the car and is being repaired in a separate step.

There has been a rash of these parking lot fender benders in the shop of late. And while I love the work, let’s all agree to leave the game of bumper cars at the fair, okay?

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