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What a great day!

The Downtown Festival in Reidsville, North Carolina, was a lot of fun this weekend. There were a lot of gorgeous cars there to ogle and the weather! You couldn’t have asked for a nicer fall day. The temperatures were just perfect under clear, Carolina blue skies.

There was another full turnout this year, but unlike last year, there weren’t many Volkswagens in attendance. So far as I know there were only two there, the JMC AutoworX Karmann Ghia and a Beetle painted up to look like Herbie. So by default the two V-dubs took first and second place with the JMC AutoworX car taking first place by a nose. The lovely model in this picture is my daughter, Mckenzie, the M in JMC AutoworX.

Don Case, whose 1966 Chevelle was painted in the JMC AutoworX shop, was also entered to compete. Unlike the Volkswagen class, the Chevelle class is a tough class to be competing in and Don, unfortunately, didn’t win anything. Which I think is a shame because his is such a rare car and the interior is original. I don’t mean restored to original, I mean original original. And the inside isn’t thrashed either. Yes it shows a little wear, but no more than you would see in a car that is only five to ten years old. Think about it, how often do you see a 45 year old car with its original interior in it, especially one that looks that good?

I want to give a special special shout out to Fred Curl. Unlike last year, where there were four cars from JMC AutoworX in the show, all parked together so I had plenty of people to talk to, this year I somehow missed Don and we ended up parking far from each other. But Fred and his nice 1956 Chevy was parked next to me and he was kind enough to sit with me all day to keep me company. You know, so I wouldn’t feel I had to eat worms.

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