Bedding down the Old Timer

After getting the frame painted on this ’32 Ford, we are moving on to the bed. The first couple of pictures show the bed in primer. The floor of the bed, along with the wheel wells are covered for protection.

The bed floor is covered to protect the paint from flying debris. The floor of the bed is going to be wood, and since the rails that support the wood floor are not going to be painted, nor are they particularly clean, the rails were covered to prevent any debris from being blown into the paint or clear by the paint gun.

The wheel wells are covered to protect the protective bed-liner material already sprayed on the bed in those areas. Leaving the bed-liner material black will cause it to “disappear” once the truck is assembled.

The third and fourth shots show me spraying on the urethane sealer, which binds to and seals the primers, providing a good base for the color.

In the next four pictures, shot five through eight, you can seem me spraying on the first of several coats of this beautiful blue.

The last four shots show the bed after the application of the clear coat. The clear coat not only provide protection to the color layer beneath, but it also provides the shine.

And shine it does.

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