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Say no to crack

How frustrating must it be to be the owner of an all but new car and have someone run over you? My guess … very.

A few days ago this 2011 Hyundai Sonata arrived at the shop after having been rear ended. The first photo shows the results of the collision, a bumper cracked nearly end to end. Sonatas have some strong body lines, but that crease you see in the bumper isn’t one of them.

The second photo shows the bumper removed. The owner was lucky that the only damage was to the plastic covering and not to the structure of the car. Nothing to do but obtain, paint and install a new covering.

The last photo shows the new bumper, freshly painted and installed on the car. There isn’t a lot I can do about the memory or frustration from being hit in your all but new car … but the car … at least that won’t remind you of it.

No crashes allowed next week

JMC AutoworX will be closed next week on Thursday, November 10 and Friday, November 11, 2011.

Owning your own business is great and has a lot of advantages. You are your own boss and you succeed or fail by your own efforts. Given a choice I will never go back to working for someone else again.

There is a downside however. When you own your own business and you are a one man show, as I am, sometimes you have to close for obligations you simply can’t avoid. Like Thursday and Friday of next week.

So everyone, if you simply must crash your car next week, please, don’t crash it on one of those two days. I won’t be at work to help you.

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