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Bake at 350° for 2 hours

OK, I admit it. Baking the fender of this SRX at 350° for 2 hours isn’t true. But it is true that I had the fender under the heat lamps today to promote drying.

With the colder weather comes slower drying times, and sometimes I help the paint along with a big heat lamp. It warms the area enough to take the chill away and to pull the moisture out of the primer

After pulling the dent out late last week, today primer was sprayed over the bare metal, sealing it and protecting it from rust. As soon as the primer dries we will be ready to do a little sanding and painting.

Return of the 1950

This gorgeous 1950 Chevrolet pickup was painted in the JMC AutoworX shop several months ago, before the change-over to the new site and before I was documenting the work as much as I am now. The last time I saw this truck it was in pieces, waiting for assembly. Now that the owner has the truck assembled, it’s back for wiring.

These split window Chevy trucks really have some great lines, and in this rich burgundy this truck is quite a striking vehicle. I love the wooden bed, crafted with the same care as fine furniture. The fact this truck is a 5-window makes it that much better.

Because the truck doesn’t yet have it’s running gear installed it needed a little help getting off the trailer. With myself and Jordan, along with a friend who was unlucky enough to have stopped by, pulling, and the owner driving, we were able to get the truck off the trailer with very little drama. Drama in movies … that’s good. Drama in a body shop … that’s bad.

I’m a little young to remember the 50’s, but with cars and trucks like this one, I think I would have liked them.

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