Daily Archives: November 9, 2011

Shoeing the pony

At long last the Mustang has been shod. Fitted with Foose Shockwave wheels, 17×8- upfront and 18×8-inch in the back, the this Mustang has a aggressiveness, nose down attitude like a runner in the starting blocks.

Once we get the fenders back on, the drive shaft in, and the engine primed, we will be about ready to start this beast up and give these wheels a spin.

Ready to go home

This SRX arrived at the shop with a little rub on the fender just above the bumper. After a little welding, banging, priming, baking, painting and finally cleaning up, this car is finished and ready to go home.

If you look at our About Us page you will see in there I state that I depend on word of mouth advertising. This repair job was obtained as the direct result of a previous customer having a good experience in our shop. This is why I treat every customer like they are my only customer … you never know when it will lead to more work.

I’m exhausted

The Mustang was returned from the exhaust shop today. As you can see they did a very neat and tidy job of it. Fitted with 2½-inch pipe from front to back gives this pony room to breath.

It wasn’t an easy job, requiring an extra couple of days, removal of the front fenders, not to mention some cutting and welding on the headers, to complete. Still, the job is done and this ol’ girl has now found her voice.

I’m sure Cassie and Karl, to say nothing of myself, are ready to hear what she sounds like.

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