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Better together

Peanut butter and chocolate. Biscuits and gravy. V8’s and classic cars. What do each of these things have in common? Each is pretty good alone, but together they are better than their individual parts. Now there is a new combination … JMC AutoworX and Murphy Rod & Custom.

Kelly Murphy, owner of Murphy Rod & Custom, has been my metal fabricator for some time now. When a car needs heavy body or engine work, Kelly is my man. He does all the things that I have neither the skill, time nor equipment to do for myself. For example, I can install a fender, but Kelly … Kelly can make a fender. Kelly has had his hand in several very well known, and highly respected, show cars over the last several years. Not only that, he is builder of the Murphy Roadster, a true one off, hand crafted car that was built entirely in the Murphy Rod & Custom shop. If he can take flat pieces of steel and build a car, there isn’t anything I’m going to need done that he can’t handle. He is just launching his web site, but I take a look at it anyway. You might just see an old friend or two, first seen here, over there.

In order to open up some breathing room in my schedule, Kelly and I have entered in to a loose business arrangement where some of the tasks that were once performed by me, here in my shop, will now be done by Murphy Rod & Custom. The same iron-clad JMC AutoworX satisfaction guarantee still applies to all work because Murphy Rod & Custom is very, very, good at what they do and I have no worries over the quality of their work. As long as I have been using their services I have never had one question over the quality of their workmanship.

You will still be able to watch the progress of your car on this site as I will continue to post progress reports even while it is in Kelly’s shop, plus you will also be able to follow it on Murphy Rod & Custom’s own web site for a more in depth explanation of what is going on. A link to their site is always available in the side bar on the right.

Why are we doing this, you ask? As my business has grown I find I have less and less time to fool around with stuff I am not good at. In other words, I no longer have time to learn how to plumb the transmission cooler lines on a 1965 Chevy. Kelly, he lives and breaths this stuff, so what he can knock out in a day or two would take me a week. This will allow me to push more cars through my shop by off-loading some tasks to a facility that is better equipped to handle the work. That is how it helps me.

But it also benefits you, my customers, by allowing work to continue on restoration projects while I am busy working on other things. Where now a long term project is put on hold while I deal with other customer’s cars, depending on timing, work could continue in the Murphy Rod & Custom shop. This means a potentially faster turn-around on long term restoration work, which means you get your pride and joy back that much quicker.

Like peanut butter and chocolate, JMC AutoworX and Murphy Rod & Custom are better together. The only thing left to work out is which of us is peanut butter and which is chocolate.

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