Now I know how the customer feels

It’s funny how a different prospective can bring clarity to a subject you had given no thought to before.

I have built many a car in my shop, and I have always enjoyed it when the customer is so excited to see their car. I understood it from a intellectual prospective, but I never really got that emotional jolt that the customer gets.  When you see a car go together, bit by bit, you never see the car, only the collection of parts that make up the car.

Monday I stopped by to see Kelly at Murphy Rod & Custom and I saw the ’32 Ford assembled for the first time. Just … wow. Even though I painted the thing, seeing it together for the first time like that … Now I understand what the customer is feeling.

No wonder the customers are giddy … it’s quite the rush.

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  1. I agree. WOW that is beautiful

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