Big wheels a rollin’

What do you do when you get a good deal on some wheels but they are the wrong color? Why, you paint them of course.

These wheels, from a ZR1 Corvette, were picked up on the cheap, but the owner wanted them in classic black instead of the standard silver. The first picture shows one of the wheels in its original color, scuffed, and ready for paint.

The next two pictures show the black paint going onto the wheel. I haven’t painted too many wheels, and I hope I don’t have to paint many more because painting wheels, and getting good coverage without runs, that’s surprisingly hard.

The last three pictures show the finished wheels. A trick of the light causes the front of the wheels appear to be quite flat in the pictures, but in reality they are very glossy. If you look carefully at the pictures you can pick out a few reflections, like my toes in center cap of the fifth picture.

Once these bad boys are mounted up with some nice tires and mounted on the owners Pontiac Trans Am, he will be riding in style. And for a lot less than the cost of new wheels too.

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