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If it moves and it shouldn’t … duct tape

You know know that sinking feeling you get when something bad, and totally unexpected, happens? I suspect the owner of this Charger had that feeling when he heard the stop block ripping the nose off his car.

Unless you are very careful, if you drive a car you have probably heard the nose scrape on one of those parking blocks as you ease into a parking place. Modern cars are so low it is very easy to do. In case of this driver, the block must have been a little higher than normal because it didn’t just scrape, it broke the lower section of the car.

Deciding that duct tape holding the broken pieces together wasn’t an acceptable long term solution, the car was brought to the JMC AutoworX shop for repair. The first picture show’s the damaged nose section, with duct tape holding it together, after it was removed from the car. The second photo shows the new nose section sanded and waiting it’s turn in the paint booth. We’ll get some paint on that and once it is good and dry we will pop it back on the car. Then the incident will be nothing but an unpleasant memory.

You know that old saying … “If it moves and it shouldn’t, duct tape. If it doesn’t move and it should, WD40.” Well, if either of those options are acceptable there is a third way … JMC AutoworX.

The difference is clear

Until the car is painted it is still a damaged car … no matter how good the bodywork.

After pulling out the crease and smoothing up the lines, this Rogue is ready for paint. In the first couple of pictures you can see the car with the paint sanded, making it that flat, dull red, the masking applied to protect the rest of the car from over spray and the sealer applied to the damaged area.

Even though the car was only damaged on the rear door and quarter panel, the vehicle is masked off in this manner to give me room to blend the paint from the newly painted sections into the existing paint, disguising the repaired area and preventing the eye from being able to pick out any slight shifts in color.

The last three pictures show the car after the clear has been applied. Where the color layer is blended from the repaired panels into the existing panels, the clear is applied over the entire area to bring up the shine, both on the newly painted panels but also on existing panels which were sanded.

Once the car is dry we will fit it with the repaired bumper, also damaged in the scuffle with the cart corral, and this Rogue will be ready to return to the customer.

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