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Just a bump on the head

This Nissan Versa received a little ding on the roof. Nothing serious, but enough that it needs a little work. The car equivalent of a mothers kiss on a childs bump to make it better, if you will.

The first photograph shows the dented area filled with a bit of body filler and sanded smooth. It’s pretty easy to see in this picture where, and how large, the dent was by the difference in color. The dent was shallow enough that metal work was not required.

The second picture is the same spot after it has been cleaned and masked for priming. The filled dent is very visible in this shot. It is difficult to judge the size in this photo, but the actual dent is only slightly larger than a silver dollar.

The third and last photo shows the primer coat applied. As soon as the primer dries the car will be ready to paint.

This is going to be another one of those three day cars. One day to fix and prime. One day to paint and dry. Return it on the third day.

1965 … It was a good year

In 1965 Chevrolet produced 378,618 Chevelles … a total which includes the related El Camino along with the wagon version. This is one of those nearly 379,000 cars and is the second Chevelle that I have painted for Hugh.

This car, fresh from some heavy metal work at the Murphy Rod & Custom shop, is going to be painted a lovely red. Before I could get my paws on it though, Kelly had to do some heavy rust repair, and while the car was there Kelly tweaked it in with some subtle custom touches.

It is my understanding that Hugh, the owner, will actually be reassembling the car himself. When he gets it done I hope he would to me the kindness of bringing it back over here so I can see what it looks like when finished. Not only so I can check out my handy work in its final form, but because I really like looking at these American muscle cars. 1965 is right in the sweet spot of American auto design and that makes this Chevelle one of my favorites.

Yes sir, 1965 was a good year for cars … a very good year.

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