Daily Archives: December 4, 2011

Glad to have had a hand in

Here is the last picture of the ’32 Ford, completed and sitting outside the Murphy Rod & Custom shop. This has been a long term, on again, off again, project for Kelly, but now it is finished and it looks fantastic.

This truck has a lot of custom touches that you might not notice unless you are really up on your ’32 Ford trucks. Not because the modifications are hidden but rather because Kelly and Josh are that good and they blend so seamlessly into the truck you might never notice, assuming that it was originally built that way. I tend to gravitate to the 1960’s muscle cars, and Volkswagens oddly enough, but with this truck I can certainly see the appeal of the 1930’s cars and trucks.

This truck is certainly something I’m proud to have a hand in on the build, even if it was just paint. Read more about it’s construction on the Murphy Rod & Custom website.

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