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Déjà vu

Sometimes I get busy and forget to take pictures of cars that come into the shop. Especially if it is a quick job. Take this Jeep Commander for example. It must have really wanted it’s picture on the website because it is back for another visit. Only a month or so after I repaired this Jeep the first time, for a slightly damaged front bumper, it is back in the shop for a more extensive repair.

The owners were stopped in traffic when they were hit from behind, pushing their Jeep into the car in front of them. To move this nearly 4,500 pound car like that takes a pretty good lick, but the Commander held up surprisingly well.

The first two photos show the front end after I had pulled the grill and bumper off and the damage done to the rear hatch. The hatch picture is kind of dark and hard to see, but trust me, I have seen worse.

The third, fourth and fifth photos show the various replacement parts, namely the front and rear bumpers and rear hatch, hanging in the booth ready for paint.

Pictures six, seven and eight are the parts after color has been applied. Until I clear them, they are going to have that rather flat appearance since it is the clear coat that gives modern automotive finishes their shine.

The last three pictures are of the of the finished repair, with the car no worse for the ordeal.

Maybe now, since pictures of the car have been placed on the site, it won’t be back again quite so soon.

Somebody get the door

This poor little MX-5 Miata never had a chance. Parked on the road while the owner was visiting a friend, a truck backing out of a driveway didn’t see it and backed right into the side of it. To the driver’s credit, he did stop and leave a note.

It arrived at the shop Monday morning, and by the end of the day I had installed the used door I had waiting for the car and made it ready for paint. Today the car goes in the booth and it should be ready to return to the owner in the morning.

In and out in only three full days? Not a bad turn-around if I do say so myself.

That’s better

After repairing the damaged nose on this Charger, a nose that came out second best in a confrontation with a stop block, it is cleaned up and ready to go home.

These Chargers, especially in SRT/8 trim, are good looking cars. This one is no exception. And after the Rhinoplasty, it looks even better.

That had to hurt

Monday this Altima arrived at the shop after taking a hard shot in the rear end. Considering how hard the car must have been hit to do this much damage, the occupants are lucky to have not been injured.

The car doesn’t look that bad, at first glance, but it is pretty banged up. For example, in the pictures the truck is open because it will no longer latch.

We’ve got a fair amount of work ahead of us on this one.

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