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Breaking it down

Here is the bent Altima with it’s back end stripped bare. The bent trunk lid as been removed, the broken tail-lamps are out and the crumpled bumper has been discarded.

It is difficult to tell in these photos, but if you look very closely in the second picture you can sort of tell that the rear body panel, that’s the bit hanging down between the exhaust pipes behind where the bumper would be, is bent on the right side and will also have to be replaced.

All the bent and broken pieces speak to just how hard this Altima was hit in the crash. But a stay in the JMC AutoworX shop is all it is going to take to make everything good as new.

I’m so blue

Now that the bumper has had the rough areas smoothed it is ready for the sealing primer and paint. The first photo shows me wiping the bumper down with a tacky cloth to remove any remaining dust or contaminates from the surface. For proper adherence, the surface must be clean.

The second photo is me spraying the sealing primer, which is applied just before the color layer.

The sealer performs two tasks. The first is, as it’s name implies, to seal the surface and to give the paint layers that follow something to bite into. But the sealer does more than just seal, it also is used to aid color matching.

The sealer comes in seven shades of gray, from nearly white to nearly black. Light colored paint goes over the lighter shades of gray, the dark colored paints over the dark shades. Each paint has a recommended shade of gray sealer that helps insure a matching color.

My spraying of this medium dark gray sealer over the lighter areas of the repair will ensure the color is uniform across the bumper and matches the color of the rest of the car.

The last photo is of the finished bumper, painted blue again, and ready to install on the car

Since it only takes a few minutes, and a hand full of plastic clips, to snap the bumper on, I would say this little project is all but complete.

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