Daily Archives: December 13, 2011

It’s alive!

Yesterday evening I stopped by Murphy Rod & Custom to watch as Kelly started the Mustang for the first time. The owners, Cassie and Karl, were on hand for the big moment.

Last week Kelly got the car far enough along so that we knew when Cassie and Karl, who had asked to be there for the big event, were present it would start. It didn’t disappoint. A turn of the ignition and it burbled to life. Kind of anticlimactic actually, though Karl was jazzed. I cut the bit out because I was jiggling the camera, but you could hear Karl in the background exclaiming, “That’s what I’m talking about right there …”

We found a couple of things that needed some attention, but nothing beyond what you would expect when dropping a new motor into a car. Now that the Mustang’s heart is beating it only has a few minor items left, an alignment, one more day of assembly and another day for cleanup, then the car will head out for the interior. I will want it back after the interior goes in so I can drive it for a couple of days to make sure everything is up to the high JMC AutoworX and Murphy Rod & Custom standards … no leaks, squeaks or rattles please.

Then the only thing left … dropping the keys into Karl’s hand.

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