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When did that happen?

Tonight, as I was adding some items to the calendar, I noticed the calendar wasn’t working properly. None of the items on the calendar were displaying to the general public, though I could see them when I was logged in.

It took a few minute but I have tracked down and fixed the problem. I don’t know when it stopped working properly, since it looked like it was working for me, so if you tried to look at the calendar and all you saw was either a white hole where the calendar should have been, or it simply showed busy on some dates, it should be working now.

Sorry for the confusion and inconvenience.

Grooming the Mustang

Now that the Cassie and Karl’s 1969 Mustang Mach I is back in the shop, we are hustling to get it done so it can go out to have the interior installed before the 10th Annual Shriners Drag Racing & Hot Rod Expo.  We have less than a month to get it finished, and while that should be enough time, it isn’t a lot of time. This will be the third year in a row that JMC AutoworX has been able to debuted a car at this show and I am motivated to make it. But we have to get it finished first.

The first photo shows the car as I received it back from Murphy Rod & Custom. They did yeoman’s work making this collection of part into a car by getting it running. Now it is up to us to finish our tasks so the interior guy can get his work done in time.

The first photograph shows the grille on the ground waiting to be put into the car. The next one shows the car after the grille is installed. Much better I think, but there is a bit more to do yet.

The rest of the photos show the front valence on the car. The third and fourth shots show Jordan putting the finishing touches the installation, but the rest are of the car after the valence is in.

You can see the car is hunkered down pretty low, giving it that ready to rumble look. There is a downside though … the driver is going to have to be careful to not knock over Mountain Dew cans sitting in the road.

Monday the hood will go on, then all that is left is just a few bits of things here and there.  Sort of like the final grooming before a horse show. After the interior is in … this pony will be ready to strut for the crowd. And I know just the place …

Silver fox

We spent the first part of this week getting the fenders, doors and trunk lid of this 1965 Chevelle whipped into shape. Today … we started on the rest of the car.

The body will get the same treatment that the fenders and doors got … a bare metal primer, Slick Sand high solids primer and a urethane sealing primer before it goes to paint. And yes, all the sanding between layers will happen also.

This isn’t the glamorous part of painting a car, but you can’t take shortcuts here or the final results … well, let’s just say the customer won’t be getting what they think they are getting.

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