Cool truck

Yesterday Murphy Rod & Custom dropped off the 1950 Chevy truck after installing the air conditioner. Originally I had intended to do the install myself but I had too many projects and not enough time. So Murphy Rod & Custom once again bailed me out of a tight spot by taking the truck and doing the hard part of the air conditioning install for me.

As you can see, it is the typical Murphy Rod & Custom work, first rate and very tidy. Except for the fact that nearly everyone knows that air conditioning wasn’t an option in 1950, it could pass as a factory job.

While the truck was at Kelly’s shop, he also fabricated up a radiator cover to clean that area up a little by covering the gap that is there on a stock truck. A little body filler to clean up the machining marks and bit of paint to match it to the rest of the truck will make this an interesting bit of custom work. You can see the cover in the last two photos.

Now that the air conditioning is installed, I can begin wiring the truck to get not only the air conditioning working, but the instruments, lights and all the other bits required by the state of North Carolina for a street legal car as well.

After all, what fun would it be to have a truck this nice if you couldn’t drive it?

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