Daily Archives: January 4, 2012

It’s like invisible ink

The Hyundai is back together after having the bumper repainted to repair some minor cosmetic damage. It didn’t even require body work, just a little primer and paint.

Paint … it’s like invisible ink for scratches. You put it over the scratch and it just disappears.

No longer a Dentrango

Yesterday I covered up a couple of dents in this Durango with a bit of body filler and got the area primed. Today … we painted.

You can see in these two photos the results.  Because of the location there wasn’t a lot of disassemble required. After the paint cures we will strip the masking off and this ‘ute will be just about ready to go back to it’s owner.

I’m sure the owner will be glad to have a Durango instead of a Dentrango again.

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