Such small changes … such big differences

The magicians of metal over at Murphy Rod & Custom have been busy working on Terry’s El Camino. It is funny to watch as what started out as a relative low budge refresh is morphing into a first class show car build. I, and I suspect Murphy Rod & Custom as well, like customers like Terry.

The first picture shows some work being done on the firewall. Air conditioning is being added to the car so the big, ugly heater box has been removed to clean up the firewall. This is possible because the aftermarket air conditioner provides not only cooling, but heating as well.

The last two pictures show one of these “show car” touches that I was talking about. I saw Terry at the car show last weekend and I pointed out an El Camino there that had shaved drip rails. Drip rails are a bit of upturned metal around the doors that prevents rain from running off the roof and into the car when the door opens. Manufactures stopped putting drip rails on cars years ago but most older cars have them. Terry liked the look so well that he decided to shave the drip rails on his car. It’s just another small change to the car, but all these little changes make a big difference in the look.

I found out when working with Terry on his Austin-Healey that he really sweats the details. I think that mindset is going to pay off big on this car.

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  1. What can I say … I have no will power. And you, sir, are not helping by pointing this stuff out to me.

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