Just a little trim

The replacement parts for the Versa arrived at the shop today. You may recall that last week two cars with smashed door arrived at the shop at the same time, both a victim of being backed into in a parking lot. This Versa was one of those two cars.

We didn’t have time to paint the car today, but we did get the parts trimmed out.

When new factory parts arrive they are already coated with a bare metal primer. This primer could be scuffed or damaged in shipping, so in order to give my customers the best possible paint job, I always sand and seal the parts, just in case.

The sealer seals all the layers below it and provides a color base for the paint. The sealer comes in seven shades of gray, from white, to almost black. Each paint color specifies one of these seven shades to ensure a accurate color match.

Trimming out a car is applying primers, sealers and paint to areas of a body panel that are difficult or impossible to reach after assembly. It is just another way to ensure that rust can’t get a finger-hold anywhere on the car, and that the finish looks its absolute best.

Doing the best job we can on every job we do is how we roll here at JMC AutoworX.

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