White out!

Yesterday I got this Nissan Altima primed and ready for paint. Today … I painted.

The first photo shows me spraying the color layer on the car. The color layer, in this case white, is what give the car its color. This car had two small dents, one on each side of the roof, so I shot those areas then blended across the roof.

Blending is the technique to hide minute color changes. The human eye is simply amazing in its ability to distinguish subtle shades in color. The number of colors that the average person can see is somewhere in the millions. With that kind of resolution, it is obvious that if the color of the new paint isn’t dead on the money, the human eye can tell the difference … especially if they are directly adjacent to one another. Blending disguises the difference in color, if there is any, by blending the two colors so the eye cannot perceive the difference. It is an old technique, but sometimes you can’t improve on the tried and true.

Photographs two and three show the roof after the application of the color layer. Looks pretty good, if a little flat. The reason the color looks so dull and lifeless is because it is. A two-stage paint process, the process we use at JMC AutoworX, the base coat, what I call the color layer, dries to a nearly flat finish. It is the clear coat that provides the gloss, and protection, to the finish.

The last two photos show the same roof after the application of the clear coat. The clear make a big difference doesn’t it? It is the clear that give the paint its depth and luster, in addition to providing protection to the color layer underneath.

After the clear coat dries, we will strip the masking off, snap the roof rails back on, surprisingly undamaged by the door falling on them, and get the car cleaned up and ready to return to the owner.

And those nasty dents? All I can say is, “What dents?”

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