The Mustang returns

The Mustang is back in the shop after a couple of weeks at the interior shop. What a difference a couple of weeks makes! When the car left my shop back in December, the paint was looking pretty good, but it wasn’t a car. It had no interior and no glass so it seemed incomplete. Probably because it was. But now, with the glass and interior installed … now that’s a car!

The first four photos are just a quick walk-around, showing off the outside. It is odd how something you can barely see, namely the glass, can make such a difference.

The rest of the photos are of the interior. If you follow these rambles, you know I have a fondness for white interiors. My Karmann Ghia is bedecked in white. And this ‘Stang … it carries the color well. The white over black really jumps and the bits of wood add a dash of style as well.

The car is all but done. When the car left I was waiting on some hood emblems to arrive. They are here now so I can mount the scoop to the hood and give the car quick once over to make sure the paint is as perfect as I can make it. Then it is just a matter of checking everything to make sure there are no leaks, squeaks or rattles … the final LSR check if you will.

Once I am satisfied the car is ready for delivery, then Karl and Cassie … your chariot awaits.

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