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POR it on

Murphy Rod & Custom has finished repairing the frame to Terry’s El Camino, so it was sent to me this morning for paint. Well, not paint exactly, but a paint like material called POR Chassis Saver. POR, which stands for Paint Over Rust, is not as pretty as paint, but it is unbelievably tough stuff so it is perfect for this application.

The first three photos show the frame as it arrived. It had been sandblasted, to remove all the rust and gunk that had collected on the frame over these many years, which left it with a slightly rough texture and a light gray color. Pictures two and three show a couple of the repairs that Kelly and his son over at Murphy Rod & Custom made. There was a bit of rust that was cut out and repaired and someone in the past had hacked the front part of the frame up with a cutting torch. You can sort of see the repairs because of the shiny places where the welds were made.

Because of the shiny places from the repairs, I had to do a little preparation before the Chassis Saver is applied. As tough as Chassis Saver is, and as well as it binds to metal, the surface needs to be rough so the material can get it’s teeth into it. You can see me applying an etching primer to the repairs in the fourth photo. The etching primer will help protect the metal from rust, but it will also give the Chassis Saver something to latch onto.

Photos five and six are of me just getting started applying the Chassis Saver. The Chassis Saver appears to be a glossy black, but it will flatten out to a semi-gloss as it dries. While Chassis Saver is available in both semi-gloss and gloss finish, the customer chose the semi-gloss finish for this car.

Oh … and pay no attention to my bottom hanging out in the photos. I swear, extra-large painting uniforms are getting smaller every year.

The rest of the photos are of the painted frame and suspension pieces. I like to do these types of jobs, jobs that use Chassis Saver, on a Friday because Chassis Saver takes a long time to cure. By painting the frame on Friday it can hang in the booth and cure over the weekend and not be in the way or delay other projects. By Monday it will be fully cured so we can take the frame down and prop it on the floor out of the way somewhere until Kelly is ready to come get it.

Get a good look at the frame now if you are interested. The next time you see it … there will be a car sitting on it.

Rush hour

Wednesday this Tahoe showed up unexpectedly at the shop. After some thought I decided to try to work the car in. So on Wednesday we jumped on it and disassembled and painted truck. Thursday we put it all back together. And here is the result.

The only reason we could turn the truck this fast is all the stars aligned. The damage was minor, all the replacement parts were in stock, and there was enough hands in the shop that that day so that we could make it happen. It’s not something that we normally could do.

In any case, this Tahoe is none the worse for wear after the run-in with the animal and is ready for delivery to it’s owner.

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