Block party!

It’s been a little busy around the shop for the last couple of weeks. So much so that I felt I needed to put in a few hours today, a Saturday, to catch up a little. Today we worked on the Chevelle, blocking out some filler that I had put on it a few days ago.

Blocking a car is when the person doing the sanding, that would be Jordan and I, use a long flexible block with a bit of sticky back sandpaper stuck to it. The block allows the sandpaper to really dig in and remove filler from the high spots while at the same time skating over the low spots. This allows the bodywork to be made perfectly uniform so that the paint, when applied, looks it’s absolute best.

The first picture shows me using a file sander to get the rough contours right. I always finish the sanding by hand, but the file sander is a good way to get it close without all the time and effort of hand sanding.

The imperfections we are trying to remove are so small you can see them. At least I can’t. But I can feel them. The second pictures shows me checking the progress, feeling for high and low places so I know where additional sanding, or more filler, is required. The third picture shows that more sanding was required.

While I was working on the roof, Jordan had the unenviable task of sanding on the dash. The technique used on the dash is the same as any other panel on the car … the difference is you are are scrunched up in the car, making the sanding a lot more difficult.

We didn’t get finished blocking the car today, but without the having to deal with the ringing phone and other distractions, we got a lot more done in three hours than I would have guessed.

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