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It’s paint as white as snow

Today was one of those days. You know the kind I mean … where you are running around all day, trying to do four things at once. Despite all that, we did get the Altima, the Altima that we prepared yesterday, in the booth and painted today.

The first picture shows the car after the application of the base coat. The base coat is the color layer, the part of the paint process that actually contains the pigments that give your car its color. The base coat dries to a nearly flat finish as you can see.

The last two pictures show what happens after the application of the clear coat. The paint suddenly comes alive with the depth clarity that you expect in an automobile finish. It is the clear that gives the finish it’s pop, the gloss and depth that makes automobile finishes what they are.

Tomorrow we will put the mirrors, handles and molding back on it, get it cleaned up, and this car will be ready to go home.

It’s just a scrape

Yesterday this Nissan Altima arrived at the shop with a wee little scrape along the right side. It wasn’t much of a scrape, it was just barely enough to bend the sheet metal, and  enough to peel the paint off the trim and mar the paint on the doors.

The first three pictures show the initial step when preparing a painted vehicle for new paint … you start by sanding the area(s) to be painted to roughen up the paint so the new paint has something to stick to. The third photo shows an area on the front door where I have already completed the sanding process.

The fourth and fifth photo shows the damaged area sprayed with primer to seal and protect the sanded area and to give the new paint a smooth surface  to bite into.

The fourth picture makes it look like we were spraying primer all over the place, but in reality the splotches above are where I was adjusting the gun by spraying primer on the masking paper to check for pattern and flow.

The last picture shows that I am not nearly as wild with the gun as the fourth picture suggests.

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