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A Titan among trucks

This Nissan Titan is back together with a factory replacement bumper and new end cap. There wasn’t much damage,  but I think it looks better without the dent in the bumper.

All that is left is to return the truck to the customer.

Wheeler dealer

Today we did a little wheeling and dealing. The Chevy rat rod project we have in the shop is to have black wheels instead of the gray that was on the truck before. After receiving the wheels back from the sandblaster, we set about getting them painted black.

Even though the wheels had been sandblasted clean, they still had to be sanded. As I have said many times in the past, every paint project starts with sanding. In this case, the sanding is to smooth the surface after the sandblast so that the paint can lay down with a nice even finish. You can see one of the sanded wheels in the first photo.

The second photo shows the primer being shot onto the wheels. Just like rattle can spray paint won’t adhere well to bare metal, automotive paint won’t either. The primer binds to the metal and gives the paint something to sink its teeth into for good adhesion.

The last photo shows the finished wheel. This is one of the rare cases where we used a single stage paint … a paint that doesn’t use a base/color and clear coat. The wheel was shot with a 70% gloss paint to give the wheels a nice semi-gloss appearance that will look better on a rat rod than wheels with an ultra-high gloss would.

We’ll let the paint fully cure over the weekend then we can send the wheels out to be shod in some new tires … because even a rat likes new shoes.

On the hook

A couple of weeks ago we painted the frame of Terry’s ’69 El Camino. There is only so much room in the booth, and only so many hooks to hang stuff from. Because we ran out of space, and hooks, we weren’t able to paint everything that needed painting then. Today, we finished the job.

The first picture shows Mike and I hanging the various bumper brackets, suspension parts and the transmission cross member in the booth.

The last two photos show the various parts after the application of the POR Chassis Saver. The pieces will hang out in the booth over the weekend then we will get them to Murphy Rod & Custom Monday evening so they can be put on the frame.

This completes the paint work, I think, on the chassis. But if not … I got some hooks in the paint booth just waiting to be used.

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