A coat of many colors

Today … today we painted this 1962 Chevrolet pickup. Today we took a truck that was already looking a little frayed around the edges … and made it look worse. And I think it looks fantastic! The owner of this truck wanted a specific look. His words to me were, “… the worse the better …” Okay … let me see what I can do.

Normally my customers want their car to look its absolute best. That is best expressed in our High Performance Finish where we pay a lot of attention and spend a lot of hours making the metal laser straight. Later, we spend even more hours polishing the paint to bring up the shine until the paint all but explodes off the car. But not today. Today I did something a little different.

Because we only want the truck to look like it is on its last legs, all the metal is well protected so it won’t actually rust. But we covered the metal with a couple of different colored primers, as if the owner was painting it with whatever he had on hand at the moment.

We started with the red oxide primer. I gave the truck a liberal dose of that, both over the bare metal, and then anywhere else I thought a dash of red would add character. I was careful not to do too good a job putting the primer on, not worrying about full coverage or overspray. Remember, the key words here are the worse the better. While the glass and chrome are protected from overspray, the rest of the paint … well, in this case a little over spray never hurt anyone.

After the red primer had dried, I came back with a black primer … just for some contrast. Not only did I hit all the metal that wasn’t completely covered, I also made sure that the patches of red primer weren’t to large. I wanted the truck to look like it had been worked on over the course of many years and that some areas had been worked on more than once.

Finally after the black had dried, it was time for a few spots of white … just because.

Normally when I am painting a car I use one, sometimes two, colors … and I strive to lay down the smoothest, glossiest, coat of paint I can. But not today, and not on this truck. But I did find out one thing today I didn’t expect.

It’s a lot of work to make a truck this bad. But it’s worth it.

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